Engaging minds, capturing learning

For this presentation at the Online Educa Berlin conference, Dec 2018, I sought to address the issue of online training, and particularly to focus on how we should be aiming to 'connect' learning opportunities whether they are for onboarding, upskilling, or as traditional education course.


The subtitle was 'next generation tools to support active teaching in the classroom and beyond' because I was aware that online training models are typically stuck in a content-driven paradigm that allows for little collaboration and, when this happens, it is dislocated from the learning activity. There is also a problem that learning is disconnected from other activities and other courses, making it difficult for individuals to make sense of their learning, to own it, and to apply it progressively through their careers.


The approach considered offers a flexible pedagogical platform for instructors to extend their teaching and training, whilst providing timely feedback on how learners are progressing. By also including powerful engagement metrics to capture learning interactions, instructors and senior managers can analyse the effectiveness of teaching formats, of class engagement, and individual learner behaviours. Pedagogical studies confirm that this can have a significant impact on critical learning outcomes, such as early warning of student failure (Freeman et al, 2014; Samson, 2016), and boosting retention (HEC, 2016), while also increasing learning gain and exam scores (Montpetit, 2016). Students also value their ability to control the pace, place and mode of their learning (Gosper et al, 2009; Leadbeater et al, 2012; White, 2016), whilst receiving more immediate feedback on their progress (JISC, 2016).


Moving to a ‘learning capture’ mindset thus offers new opportunities for educators to empower learners before, during and after class.
OEB presentation

Below are the slides I used for the presentation.

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