Augmented reality made easy

levelupI recently attended the excellent CanvasCon at the British Museum (incredible venue, btw!). It was a great day, spent with many folk who couldn’t hide their enthusiasm for the LMS/VLE, Canvas. And yet, one particular piece of software captured my attention and, frankly, surprised me: Zappar– an augmented reality solution.

I have long been sceptical about the potential of augmented reality. Sure, Pokemon Go looks fun for a certain generation, Oculus Rift and others will transform gaming. But what fascinated me by Zappar was the simplicity of designing the experience yourself (authoring tools are available to build your own), how easy it was to use (my kids had the viewer and app working in minutes), and how fun it was to use (when my kids finally let me…).


But how can this be used beyond gaming? Well clearly in many ways. From big film studies to energy suppliers, the visual appeal and wow-factor are attractive to the marketing and entertainment industries. Educationally, this can also transform our visual representation of space. The easy authoring tools reduce development time or extensive training, the Google Cardboard viewers allow for cheap adoption by users, and the immersive experience can capture the imagination of any learner.

I’m seemingly pretty late to this party, but I am happy to say that my eyes have been opened by the great guys from Zapper.


More information on augmented reality in education can be found at:

and if you want to know more about Zappar, see: