Learning Futures Consulting provides online learning expertise to transform your company training and development portfolio.


Find the right platform and training designs that suit your needs and that of your clients and workers.



Work with your staff and subject matter experts to create high-quality online course environments and learning designs.



Consultancy, support and training to your professional teams to ensure your courses remain relevant and popular.

Why change?

Recent events following the Coronavirus outbreak have highlighted the need for robust and effective online provision for workers and for learners.

An over-reliance on face-to-face training courses or failing digital technologies presents many risks, especially as competitors are forging ahead with new approaches that are easily available on the web and cheap to access.

The educational landscape is also changing rapidly, with new trends in video-based content, collaboration, and assessment, offering more flexible ways to live, work and learn, whilst maintaining strong social connections with instructors and peers.

Change is not just about adapting, but about excelling in new conditions. Learning Futures Consulting offers dedicated expert advice and guidance to help you embrace a new digital future for learning. We will work with you to build new online training services, find the right markets for your courses, and provide ongoing assistance as your courses mature and evolve.

About Learning Futures Consulting

I have worked in the education sector for nearly 25 years, as a senior manager in a University and also as a learning consultant selling educational tools and services. During this time I've managed scores of digital technology projects, such as implementing new online learning platforms (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle), designed and built highly successful FutureLearn MOOCs, and managed University accounts across Europe and the Middle East for video platforms and ePortfolios.

I have a passion for digital learning, I love my job, and I want to help others find the right blend of technology to give make their business a success.