Learning Futures Consulting provides sector-leading research, consultancy and training for global education providers. I specialise in designing services for digital technologies that empower learners, build communities and measure impact.

Inclusive Learning

I work with businesses and educational providers to help create online courses that suit the needs of all learners.

Social Marketing

Grow your community, whether it is a cohort of learners or your customers, with social media and networking solutions.

Learning Analytics

Use behavioural analytics to better support your learners or provide powerful insights to manage customer success.

Why change?

The educational landscape is changing rapidly for learners, educators and employers, presenting challenges to the current provision of learning and personal development across education institutions and the workplace.

Change is not just about adapting, but about excelling in new conditions.

Learning Futures Consulting offers expertise to help you embrace a new digital future for learning.

About Learning Futures Consulting

I have worked in the education sector for nearly 25 years, as a senior manager in a University and also as a learning consultant selling educational tools and services. During this time I've managed scores of digital technology projects, such as implementing new online learning platforms (Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle), designed and built highly successful FutureLearn MOOCs, and managed University accounts across Europe and the Middle East for video platforms and ePortfolios.

I have always sought to link my background as an academic researcher with my passion for digital learning, and I continue to employ an evidence-based approach to all my work, present my findings at international conferences, and foster networks of other academic practitioners.