We work with businesses and educational providers to help them create new learning and development strategies, evaluate their service delivery and implement new solutions. Learning Futures Consulting provides a range of different Consultancy services that will allow you to develop and grow your business.

Instructional Design

We help create new, innovative training courses that will engage and challenge learners. Using the latest technologies and pedagogical approaches to offer a range of training delivery approaches to best suit your staff or learners. These range from self-directed, face-to-face and distance learning opportunities.


Training is available on a range of different technologies and learning practices. Whether your staff/learners are at home, work or on the move, the modules can accommodate all. Each are designed through collaboration with your expert teams to deliver high quality content, collaboration and assessment.

Want to make a difference?

Don't wait for tomorrow to arrive; make a difference TODAY. Our current workforce and the next generation of learners are facing an uncertain future. Technological advances and shifts in workplace practice, through automation and globalisation, are threatening both traditional working practices but also our training methods. The educational landscape is changing rapidly for learners, educators and employers, presenting challenges to the current provision of learning and personal development across education institutions and the workplace.

Future Learning Consulting provides sector-leading research, consultancy and training for global education providers. We specialise in designing digital technologies that provide the flexibility that staff and learners need to blend training with other life commitments.


Next Steps...

How can your institution's education or training provision be improved?

Want to find out how digital technologies could improve key strategic goals, such as course retention, satisfaction and progress, or find efficiencies to improve deliver, communication and participation?

Find out more about how Learning Futures Consulting can help you.